Can you even ask for a better start to the day? I think not.

We had a pretty decent morning. The kids were in good moods and we even got out the door before 8 AM. That’s a good thing.. ☺

I thought we would further the awesomeness of the morning and swing through Dunkin Donuts. The drive thru was packed but the store was empty, so we went inside.

Emmett was amazed by all the donut they had and didn’t hide said amazement very well. lol

Elliott looks sad in the picture but he wasn’t. I think I just took the picture at an odd moment. He was super happy to get donuts and so was I. As simple as that is, being able to do things like this on occasion, feels really good.

We’ve come a long way and while we’re not financially perfect, things are getting better. I’m keeping on keeping on. Maybe someday, we’ll be able to move. ☺

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