I’m not really angry because I screwed up

I’m not really angry because I screwed up

It’s Monday and that means Gavin should be receiving his IVIG infusion. In fact, it should have already been done. Unfortunately, we’re still missing supplies. I talked about this last week and explained the somewhat angry phone call I got from the person who is in charge of making sure Gavin gets his supplies.

I’ve been assured that they will arrive today sometime but beyond that, there are no specifics.

I’m sure they will arrive and aside from throwing off his schedule, there’s no harm in waiting until later today to do his infusion.

I’m not angry or really upset because we didn’t check this particular delivery. I wasn’t here when it showed up and it sorta fell through the cracks. If I had checked it, I would have known much sooner that there was a problem.

As long as the delivery arrives today, I’m good.

Gavin, on the other hand, doesn’t like his schedule changing and is not having a good afternoon. He’s super moody and more aggressive than normal. I should clarify that he’s aggressive towards himself and not anyone else. Either way, the aggression is a problem.

Hopefully, the supplies will arrive soon and he can get his infusion done.

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