As an #Autism parent, I have to celebrate the wins, even if no one else gets it

I know yesterday was a rough one for me and I was run pretty ragged but there were some positives. I wanted to quickly share one of those positives with you and encourage you to try and focus on the positives in your life. ☺

One of the big frustrations I have at home is the amount of screen time the kids have.

In a more typical situation, it’s much easier to limit that screen time and sorta tamp it down to a more reasonable level. Most kids don’t like the idea of giving up screen time in general.

For kids with Autism, it’s a much more complicated situation and I know many of you out there may shudder at the idea of taking your child’s tablet away. It’s not easy and more often than not, you’ll simply be trading one problem for another. It’s just not cut and dry when Autism is in the mix.

Last night, I was able to get Emmett to play a game before bed. We couldn’t find UNO but we did find Connect Four.

I bet you he and I played a dozen games of Connect Four before bed last night. Further more, Elliott, who hates playing games like that, asked to have a turn as well. He and Emmett played a few games together also.

It was a highlight of my day to see that.

I’m hoping to reproduce that again tonight and maybe even going forward.

Perhaps my bar isn’t set very high and if so, that’s okay. What matters more to me is that I see positive change in the lives of my kids.

Nothing about being an Autism parent is easy or uncomplicated. Celebrating the wins helps me keep hope alive.

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