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It really sucks when you have to put groceries back because you don’t have enough money

I thought I was doing good and I felt like I was able to get the most necessary items. I was trying to make the best out of a bad situation. As I realized my math was off, I had to start making decisions about what would stay and what I would have to be put back.

That really sucked but not because I was embarrassed. I was at the self-checkout so it was a bit less obvious. For me it sucked because it was demoralizing and yet another reality check, reminding me that my best is not enough. As though I needed the reminder.

I don’t care what anyone who might have been watching me struggle at the check-out thought. I only worried what my family would have to face as a result of me not getting all the food that I need to get. I don’t want them to worry or stress out or worse, not eat.

That’s a shitty feeling and it makes everything else worse. Struggling is not unique to my family. There are families everywhere who are struggling. I just happen to have a platform with which to share our story on. This is all part of life and life is meant to be a challenge.

I’m not particularly proud of this – at all, but I can’t let this consume me either. It is what it is.

While I don’t know how things will work out, I know they somehow will. Giving up isn’t an option. There are always people worse off and it’s not like anyone is starving in our house.

It does present challenges because of the sensory related food proclivities that run rampant in our house.

This kind of thing happens and if it’s happened to you, please don’t feel bad because you aren’t alone.

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Sorry you ran into this Rob – last time i was that down to the wire was in the early ’90s. things get better. Congrats on the walking – cay you swap any driving trips for biking? Not only will it save you gas money, but you’ll also get a little extra exercise in each day. With a milk crate on the bike, you’d be surprised how much of a grocery trip you can fit.


I’m asking out of my own ignorance. Elliott will only eat pizza? That must be so draining having to order pizza all the time.


Same. No money so currently using whatever is left on this credit card.

Susan Baltrush Ley

I understand this. I have to have certain foods for my son. It’s not easy on a tight budget. You do the best you can. You’re doing great on the walking. I get really cranky when I don’t get to walk. Clears the mind, rejuvenates.

@BubblesAndChaos That just happened to me Friday night. And now I’m disappearing.


*Nods* We’re limping by currently, as well, but we’re hanging tough.

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