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Sometimes #Autism can be incredibly frustrating

If Gavin doesn’t know the answer to a question, majority of the time he makes up an answer that he thinks the person asking would want to hear.

He did this throughout the appointment today and it was very frustrating.

When he’s with a doctor that hasn’t known him very long, they try to involve him as much as they can in his own healthcare. That’s a good thing.

The problem is that they don’t understand how Gavin operates and they tend to simply accept his answers. Again, Gavin should have a voice in regards to his own healthcare but in many cases, the information he provides the doctor is simply made up or at the very least, inaccurate.

We were talking about slowly removing his reflux medication at today’s appointment, a move we fully agree with.

I explained to Gavin that if he has any issues with reflux, he could try a glass of milk or have some Tums.

He immediately responded with Mommy told me that because I’m drinking Ensures, I can’t have Tums. I told him that I think perhaps he misunderstood because that doesn’t make any sense. Lizze and I have learned that you can’t give Tums when the person is already on certain reflux meds but that’s it.

There’s absolutely no reason why he can’t have Tums and drink his Ensures at the same time or in the same day.

Rather than accept the answer, he dug his feet in and insisted that he was right and he didn’t misunderstand what Lizze had told him, if she’d even said anything in the first place.

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Great post.


Gavin looks mature which is very misleading. From what you describe he has the understanding of a small child. I guess the doctors will get used to it.

Mark Casper

I am *amazed* at all of the parents of special-needs children.

Patience, devotion, sacrifice … Y’a…

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