I’m struggling a bit at the moment but here’s a quick update anyway – Page 2

I’m struggling a bit at the moment but here’s a quick update anyway

The lab needed Gavin’s updated insurance information today and rather than do that for him, I sent him in with his insurance card to present at the front desk when he checked in. I asked him to please not wrinkle the card either and he ended up doing great. Any change to routine can be difficult, especially for people with Autism. Gavin once again proved that he’s able to adapt, as long as he’s prepared. I’m really proud of him.. ☺

Let’s see….. Oh, the boys got their report cards today and they both did exceptionally well. Lizze and I are very proud of them,

Lastly, the gas company came out and fixed the mistake. The person that came out was either having a bad day, which we all have or was just an unpleasant person. I was at the school when she arrived.

After testing everything, she turned our gas on but kept out stove off because she said had a gas leak. I tried to talk to her on the phone because Lizze had called to let me know what was going on. She was unwilling to answer any questions I had, red tagged the stove and left.

I was trying to find out why she thought there was a leak and how she tested for it because what she was telling me didn’t make any sense. At the same time, I’m far from an expert and didn’t want to take any chances.

When I checked all the connections myself, nothing appeared to be leaking but she’s the professional and I wasn’t comfortable assuming there wasn’t a leak, simply because I couldn’t find one.

I really think this lady was just having a bad day but telling someone they have a gas leak and leaving without answering questions, is kinds fucked up.

I had to call Dominion again and inquire as to what was actually going on because she red flagged our stove for a leak that doesn’t appear to exist. You don’t mess around with natural gas and I didn’t want to take any chances. They sent someone else out later in the evening and they throughly tested the everything and there was no gas leak at the stove.

The guy that came out was awesome and was able to confirm that there wasn’t a leak and we could turn the stove back on. All I wanted to do was make sure everything was safe and he did that. I’m very grateful that it all worked out.

That pretty much catches you up for today. My brain is fried and writing this much was difficult. I’ll work on some new stuff later today. ☺

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At least you have heat. We are using our woodstove AND gas heat. It went from 48 to 22 too damn quick.

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