I have some really positive news to share

It’s been a long weekend but we survived it. The kids came home from their mom and grandparents about noon. They all seem to have had a very positive visit. That makes me happy for them and for her as well.

Some parents might wish ill on the other parent and even hope that visits are a disaster for them. I can understand the anger or frustration but personally, I want everyone to be happy. I want my kids to be happy, healthy and well adjusted. I want them to have a meaningful relationship with their mother. I truly want nothing but the best for her.

In my book, positive visits are really good news. It means that everyone is beginning to adjust and while it’s a slow process, they’re able to enjoy time with their mom and grandparents. No one is complaining about anything right now and that’s such a relief for me. I’m super stoked about this.

In other news..


    • BJW on November 11, 2019 at 6:22 am
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    Good to hear some positive news, Rob.

    1. Thanks Becky.. ☺

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