A long overdue update and a big thank you to @tamronhall and @hollyrpeete - Page 2 of 2 -

A long overdue update and a big thank you to @tamronhall and @hollyrpeete

I mentioned that I was working on a new project and this was it. It aired today and the response has been overwhelming but in a positive way.

There were two segments recorded. The first was with Tamron, who’s amazing by the way. The second was sort of a surprise because it was with Holly Robinson Peete. We’ve been friends for about a decade but never had a face to face conversation until today. Holly is one of my all time favorite human beings and a personal hero of mine.

It was so nice to talk with her. After we went off the air, she even spent some time talking with Emmett as well. It was a really amazing experience.

I want to thank Tamron for having me. I want to to thank Ty, Katie and Candi (producers for the show) for working with me. Of course, I want to thank Holly for being such an amazing friend.

To everyone who’s reached out recently, I truly appreciate it. I appreciate all of you.

I want to thank my kids for being my inspiration and for making me a better human being. I love you guys so much. I’m lucky have such and large and supportive family as well.

My brain is completely fried and I’m going to bed. I’ve embedded the two segments below, so you can watch them if you missed them earlier. I’m going to bed remembering how lucky I really am.

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Kathy G

Rob i am watching Tamron repeat this show. I never watch repeats, especially during the pandemic. However, I am watching just because of you and your boys. You are an amazing father, and person! I hope you and your beautiful family are doing well. My nephew has severe autism and I know not being in his normal routine is very challenging. I can not imagine how difficult that is times 3!! My prayers for you and the boys during this quarantine. Stay strong and keep being the awesome father/man that you are!

Curtis G.

Always keep in mind Rob that you have people out here who admire everything you have done and will continue to accomplish to help, not just yourself and your family, but all of us parents and caretakers of children and adults with autism. When you look around and see pockets of insanity in our world, it’s nice to know there are people like you who understand and are brave enough to open up your personal life, dealing with autism, to all of us to help us through the same type of life situations you are going through. I commend you and all your efforts to help all us other parents and caregivers. You and the boys be safe and continue doing what you’re doing.

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