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It took 56 days but it finally happened

Anyway, what I wanted to focus on tonight was sharing some positive news.

For the first time of 56 days, I was able to get the kids to the garden center for a little while. Everyone was nervous and Gavin was on the verge of losing it because he’s so afraid of getting sick. I’ve explained how it works to him but he’s not really grasping the basic concept of how COVID19 works.

That said, he did really well and we spent about 10 or 15 minutes walking around. We wore masks, as everyone should be doing and we were only able to go because there wasn’t anyone else around.

There were people at the park and in the parking lot of the garden center, none of whom were social distancing or wearing masks. I’ll be honest, and say that kinda pisses me off. Say whatever you want but we’re on lockdown in Ohio until at least June. Some businesses are allowed to reopen as well but at limited capacity. The stay at home order is in full effect and social distancing, as well as masks are vital to this process.

It’s very frustrating to see people not taking this seriously and ignoring the guidelines we’re all supposed to follow.

To be clear, I’m not talking about essential workers or the other selfless heros who are risking their lives to help others. I’m talking about people meeting up with friends and hanging out. I’m talking people in my neighborhood having constant traffic in and out of their homes. Large groups of older kids roaming the streets. All these people are putting the rest of us at risk and I feel it’s pretty fucking selfish.

Back on point here.

We were able to get out for a little while today and while it was short lived, it was a taste of normalcy.

I’m not sure how soon we’ll attempt this again because Gavin really wants nothing to do with it. I’m glad we had the opportunity and I’m so proud of my kids for wearing their masks and doing their part.

Our short trip was just enough to breakup the day a bit and reduce some of the stress. That’s a very important thing and I’m grateful it worked out. It feels good to give my kids a little bit of normalcy in an otherwise chaotic situation.

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You got this!!!


Glad you all got out. I’ll be taking Henry to St Vincent’s hospital in Toledo today, because he has a kidney stone and needs another stent. The local hospital doesn’t have a full time urologist so they told me to take him to St V’s ER. It’s late and I may stay up a little longer to check Henry’s temp. So, needless to say, I’m struggling with anxiety attacks too. I mean, the pandemic is enough…and then this happens. So I’m very sorry you all have had such a hard time. I can’t imagine having to deal with kids. It’s enough I live with three adult men!

Curtis G.

So glad you guys had some time to get out of the house, no matter how short the time.

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