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An exhausting day full of #Autism and chaos

One of the big signs that Elliott is experiencing high levels of anxiety, is incessant talking. It’s very close to what a manic episode would be like for a kid. We’re not going down that road right now, but unfortunately, it’s (Bipolar disorder) on our radar. 

Poor Gavin is all over the place. Autism hits him in a profoundly different way than most because he has what’s known as Childhood Disintegrative Disorder. 

This is so rare, his specialist at the Cleveland Clinic said that they might see one child walk through the doors every five years. That includes the entire facility, meaning all locations. It’s rare. 

Gavin is in a constant state of regression. Sometimes it’s faster than others. Sometimes it slows down to a point where we think he’s finally hit a plateau, and the regression has ended. 

It was painfully obvious today that Gavin has lost so many of his previously mastered skills. I have to walk him through so many things anymore, it’s heartbreaking. Gavin’s contribution was repetition. He asked the same questions over, and over, and over again. 

He struggles with his memory in significant ways. Having said that, come 8 am, 10 am, noon, 3 pm, and 5 pm, he was chomping at the bit to eat. He’s so hardcore into a routine when it comes to meal or snack time, it’s unreal. Of course, with everything going in, I was a bit on the times, and boy did he remind me. 

I’m so overwhelmed by the day I just lived through, I can’t shutdown and go to sleep. I’m wound way too tight right now and that sucks. Hopefully, I’ll find some sleep shortly after finishing this post up. 

Putting this down, hitting publish, and walking away is very therapeutic for me. Fingers crossed… 

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