Here’s a MASSIVE update from just the last 24 hours

I barely got done with that conversation with the boys and I get a call from my Mom. Apparently, my Grandpa had fallen and I was needed ASAP.

Elliott insisted on coming with me and Lizze thought it would help him because he was feeling helpless in regards to Zane. If he went, he could feel like he was helping my Grandpa.

We headed to my parents house and spent the next couple of hours helping my grandpa make his way back into the house. He’s not hurt but was really, really weak. It took some time but we’d do anything for him and used the times in between to just visit and hang out.

We got him back in the house and he had apparently been craving a banana split, so I ran out and got him one.

It’s amazing how such a simple gesture like making an ice cream run can have such a positive impact. ☺


    • BeckyW on October 2, 2018 at 5:11 pm

    Wow, you had enough challenges for a month (or a year?) in one day. Hope things go better. By the way, aren’t dog bites supposed to be reported? Because if the dog bit your son for no reason, it could bite anyone for no reason.

    1. I don’t disagree with you Becky. As I said, it’s family and that makes it complicated for us. If it had been worse, it wouldn’t even be a question. Frankly, I was concerned about the fallout, of which there would likely be quite a bit. Emmett is okay, he didn’t need to be seen and we did have to make his life or our lives more difficult.

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