Today’s Victory: My oldest accomplished something amazing

As I chill on the couch tonight, unable to sleep again because of my fricking leg, I thought I would get my super positive post from yesterday caught up.

I will, however, make this quick because I’m really trying to get some sleep.

Long story very short, I opted to go help my parents by cutting their grass last night. My dad is working a great deal and his knee is bad. My mom just had her knee replaced and better not even be thinking about cutting the grass. I’m watching you mom. 😉

Anyway, we all went over and everyone played a role in helping. Lizze spent the time with my Mom. Elliott and Emmett took Ruby and Cleo (my parents dog) for a walk.

I got to use my new weed eater, which is always fun but here’s he truly amazing part. I started teaching Gavin how to cut the grass. He’s pushing 20 years of age but has never pushed a lawnmower for what I hope are obvious reasons. Today, however, I decided to see if he was even interested in learning, and he was.

One of the many reasons we haven’t allowed Gavin to do something like this is because he’s unable to remain focused on his surroundings and in this case, that can be very dangerous.

I explained to him how it worked and we went over the safety-related concerns. I don’t know how much he retained, but he made about five passes with the mower down the entire length of my parents back yard. Frankly, he did a really good job. I stayed right with him but did it entirely on his own.

This is a huge moment for Gavin and that can’t be overstated. It wasn’t perfect and he was actually okay having to go back over the areas he missed. I’m crazy proud of him.

I think that this might be something he could do again. He gets tired very quickly and was unable to go for more than a few minutes but I’m so impressed with him. I honestly didn’t think this was something he would be able to. Maybe we can keep practicing and see if this is something he can work on. He’ll need closely supervised but this is a big step forward and he feels very proud of himself. 👍❤😊

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Curtis G

Way to go Gavin!


Good for you, Gavin!