Review: The New @NixplayCloud 9.7 Inch 2K Smart Photo Frame (W10E) is Gorgeous

Review: The New @NixplayCloud 9.7 Inch 2K Smart Photo Frame (W10E) is Gorgeous

Let’s face it, who actually prints their pictures out or uses actual film anymore? In my opinion, the best way to display those precious memories taken on your digital camera or smartphone is with a digital picture frame.

On the off chance that you are unfamiliar with what a digital frame is, here’s the cliff notes. 

Digital frames are picture frames with an HD display built in. This display allows you to show countless pictures, without having to pull the frame down, remove and replace the photo. You’re able to show off countless pictures on a digital frame.

I’ve used tons of digital frames over the years, and the frames by Nixplay are second to none.

Nixplay has just released a brand new 9.7 inch Smart Photo Frame (model number W10E). Here’s the bullet points for the new frame.


Wall Mount or Freestanding

Portrait or landscape: the choice is yours. 

Magnetic remote included. (Very Cool)

2K Ultra Picture Quality

Ultra-high pixel density for maximum picture sharpness

Integrated Hu-Motion Sensor 

Detects movement, turning your Smart Frame on and off automatically

I’ll just come right out and say it. The display on this frame is absolutely gorgeous. I’m really picky about displays on things like laptops tablets, phones, TV’s and of course, digital frames.

Most of my screens are OLED and it’s tough to look at any other display technology after your eyes have seen OLED. That being said, I stand by my statement about the brilliant display on the new Smart Photo Frame.

The colors are rich and vibrant. The blacks are black and there’s zero light bleed. If you don’t know what light bleed is, you’re better off because once you see it, you can’t unsee it. 

Pictures look amazing on this diplay. Video is smooth and while the sound won’t blow you away, I wouldn’t expect crazy good sound out of a digital frame. That said, it does the job.

As with Nixplay Iris I reviewed a couple months ago, there are no buttons on the frame and a single power cord stub that sticks out the back. The power cord stub doubles as the kickstand for the frame and allows you to switch between portrait and landscape. The display auto rotates based on how the frame is positioned.

If that’s not your thing, you can mount the frame to a wall as well.

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