What it’s like to #vaccinate a child with #Autism and why we do it anyway

The process is extremely simple and takes a few minutes for most people. It’s painless, you don’t get sick from it, it’s covered by insurance and can even be free for those without insurance as well.

Check out what Akron Children’s Hospital has to say about the importance of flu shots. Click here.

Whatever your reason is for avoiding it, please reconsider. Families like mine who have immunocompromised kids, get the flu shot because it helps keep our child safe. We rely on everyone else to do the same as well because the flu can be deadly for kids like my son.

The process for getting the flu shot is incredibly simple but for families like mine, with special needs kids, it can be extremely difficult.

Being Autistic, getting flu shots for my kids is a nightmare and something I’d like to avoid but we can’t.

When they go through something like this, they tend to deal with it by getting all ramped up. They’re literally bouncing off the walls and have lost their inside voices. They’re screaming and running around because of the anxiety. If they don’t burn that off, it will build internally until they have an explosive meltdown.

That said, even if they burn off most of this nervous energy, meltdowns are still possible and probably even likely.

It is what it is. We’re used to it but it never gets easier.

The importance of getting them vaccinated, far outweighs the behavioral issues we’ll have to deal with for the next day or so. I wish it was easier on them and subsequently us as well but it’s just one of those things that we, as Autism parents have to take on in order to do what is necessary.

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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The Autism Dad

One comment removed for anti-vaccine propaganda. I won’t allow anyone to spread fear.

Rachel Humphrey

Typically children on the spectrum regress at about 5 right?

The Autism Dad

Rachel Humphrey if they have the rare regressive form.

Rachel Humphrey

I was told that most children regress at about 5 I’m not trying to suggest you NOT vaccinate but that is why we didn’t get his MMR at about 5, and he didn’t regress from my research MOST do.


I am autistic and don’t like shots, but my doctors always had a trick to help me survive them, and it was helping me feel in control. They let me watch them prep the area and take out the needle, and then we counted to three together. So it went “one, two, three” poke, done!

I find it hurts less if I can watch and brace myself for the stimulus about to affect me, but I freak out a bit if I can’t see what’s being done and people are touching me from what feels like random directions.

I have meltdowns in the dentist chair if there isn’t a mirror where I can see what he’s doing in my mouth, but I’m calm as can be if the mirror is set up.

It’s about feeling in control of the stimulus in a world where a lot of uncontrolled stimuli surprise and hurt me.

Keep talking xxxx
♥️♥️♥️ From a mum of 3 autistics xxx

Lauren Wines

My son’s best friends big brother (who also has autism and epilepsy) has cystic fibrosis. The flu could kill him. He is our reason.

Ha my boy has never had one, he refuses the school nurse, drs surgery won’t do it…

Denise Dibbs

Tg for flu mist. My son w/ autism terrified of needles. #FluMist #Flu #FluShot