My Real-life Struggles: I don’t know what I’m going to do or how I’m going to pull this off


The second option is something I hadn’t really thought of but it’s apparently a thing. The doctor explained that migraines are thought to be the result of inflammation. Steriods can be used to reduce the inflammation but it needs to be a pretty heavy dose, and it may not work.

The upside is that it’s likely approved by insurance and if not, it’s probably financially feasible for us to cover out of pocket.

Headache Infusions

The final option is what’s called a headache infusion. Lizze has had this done a few times in the past with mixed results. It’s been many years since her last one and she’s never had them done by the Cleveland Clinic.

Essentially what happens is that she’s hooked up to an IV for six hours a day for four days. They pump her full of a combination of medications. Those medications are usually high dose preventives and narcotics. The idea is to break the migraine or more likely lessen it. This has been very effective for Lizze in the past but she’s also had them done and derived very little benefit.

A huge downside to this is the logistics. It has to also be approved by insurance and we won’t know anything until at least Monday.

Decisions Decisions

The Cefaly would be the ideal choice right now because it can be done in home and as needed. Assuming it actually worked, it would also be a safe, drug free solution that essentially required a one time, upfront cost.

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Unfortunately, that cost is preventing us from taking advantage of the Cefaly. I’ll try to reach out to them once again because she actually has the script for it now. Maybe that will make a difference but I’m not holding my breath.

We aren’t writing this off completely, it’s just not affordable at this point in time.

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  • Kendra Pearson says:

    Please email me at Rob. I have a Cefaly unit that was prescribed to me months ago that made my migraines worse that I will send you free!

  • BeckyW says:

    PS–a regular TENS unit might help Lizze, but it doesn’t really work like Cefaly. And it doesn’t break the migraines and sometimes makes things worse. The only reason to try would be cost…regular TENS units are cheap, less than $40 (if you don’t go through doctor). It does sound like you all have a good idea what is the most useful and doable.

    • Facebook Profile photo Rob Gorski says:

      Thanks Becky, I actually have a few TENS units. Companies were just sending them to me for awhile. I was giving them to people who needed them. They are surprisingly cheap, I had assumed they would be really expensive. They’re about the size of a deck of cards and work quite well.. ☺

  • BeckyW says:

    Very sad. You all will get through your grandfather’s death, then you can figure out how to help Lizze.

  • So sorry to hear of your loss prayers and positive thoughts for you and family.