My Real-life Struggles: I don’t know what I’m going to do or how I’m going to pull this off

Even if money wasn’t an issue, managing the kids during this time would prove very tricky. While the boys would be in school, Gavin would likely have to go with us and that would end up being incredibly challenging in its own right. The only other option would be for him to stay with someone for most of each day we’re there.

I love Gavin and he’s a great human being but that’s a lot of Gavin for anyone outside of us to really deal with.

Like many other families out there, we live paycheck to paycheck. One of the differences here is simply the added responsibility associated with three special needs kids and my wife being disabled. It’s not their fault and please don’t mistake my transparency as complaining. I’m not complaining. I love my family and will do anything for them.

The reality is that the added responsibility very much ties my hands in many areas of my life. I have to work from home and that means work isn’t always steady or I’m not always available when it is.

I’m often surrounded by constant distractions. Being a fulltime caregiver to these four beautiful, amazing people in my life, can pull me in four different directions, all at the same time.

There’s only one of me and trust me when I tell you, that’s just not enough.

I have no idea what I’m going to do or how I’m going to overcome any of these obstacles but quiting isn’t an option.

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I wrote most of this on Thursday (1/3/19) and simply proofed and published it tonight (1/5/19). Sadly, my grandfather passed away on Friday morning (1/4/19). Its been a very difficult couple of days for all of us. Services will be early next week and that presents some additional financial and logistical challenges. It also presents some serious emotional challenges as well. 😔 💔

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  • Kendra Pearson says:

    Please email me at Rob. I have a Cefaly unit that was prescribed to me months ago that made my migraines worse that I will send you free!

  • BeckyW says:

    PS–a regular TENS unit might help Lizze, but it doesn’t really work like Cefaly. And it doesn’t break the migraines and sometimes makes things worse. The only reason to try would be cost…regular TENS units are cheap, less than $40 (if you don’t go through doctor). It does sound like you all have a good idea what is the most useful and doable.

    • Facebook Profile photo Rob Gorski says:

      Thanks Becky, I actually have a few TENS units. Companies were just sending them to me for awhile. I was giving them to people who needed them. They are surprisingly cheap, I had assumed they would be really expensive. They’re about the size of a deck of cards and work quite well.. ☺

  • BeckyW says:

    Very sad. You all will get through your grandfather’s death, then you can figure out how to help Lizze.

  • So sorry to hear of your loss prayers and positive thoughts for you and family.