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I’m absolutely terrified about today

This wouldn’t be an issue for most people because they would go in, take a nap, wake up an hour later and be done. To me, that’s an unbelievable feat of bravery and something I’m not sure I can do myself.

Just for a bit of perspective, I used to go into burning houses with the fire department and manage major traumas in the back of an ambulance, for upwards of 40 minutes or more, sometimes on my own. That’s pretty insane.

I’ve seen and experienced things most couldn’t even imagine. I’ve run thousands of calls and had to make split second life and death decisions, in the worst possible circumstances.

None of that scared me. I’m not a coward.

The idea of walking into the oral surgeon tomorrow, even though it’s just a consult, is absolutely terrifying.

Having said that, I’m also feeling incredibly lucky because of who I’m going to see.

I’m seeing a friend from high school and he’s insanely over qualified to extract three wisdom teeth. Here’s the bullet points:

  • University of Notre Dame B.S., 2000
  • Ohio State University D.D.S., 2004
  • University of Louisville M.D., 2007
  • University of Louisville General Surgery Resident, 2007-2008
  • University of Louisville OMFS Chief Resident, 2009-2010
  • University of Louisville Residency Program, 2004-2010

Extensive Training in:

  • Dentoalveolar Surgery
  • Implantology
  • Orthognathic Surgery
  • Maxillofacial Trauma & Reconstruction
  • Facial Esthetic Surgery
  • Maxillofacial Pathology
  • TMJ Disorders
  • Craniofacial Surgery (including cleft lip/palate repair)

Extensive Experience in:

  • Anesthesiology
  • General Surgery
  • Trauma Surgery
  • Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
  • ENT/Otolaryngology
  • Oculoplastic Surgery
  • Surgical Intensive Care
  • Internal Medicine

He’s an old friend, I trust him and feel as though I’m in good hands. That’s providing me with a great deal of comfort.

I’m sure I’ll feel better after sitting down and going over everything with him. I have 3 wisdom teeth and only 1 is partially impacted. Once I know what to expect, and I figure out the logistics, I’ll be in a better place.

Since this isn’t an emergent situation, at least to my knowledge, we’re going to plan this around Lizze’s headache infusions. She’s in tremendous amounts of pain and the infusion will take about a week. We’ll have to travel to the Cleveland Clinic for 6 hour sessions and there’s zero chance of me doing that right after oral surgery.

I feel this is the right thing to do and barring anything unforseen, that will be the plan.

I’m not looking forward to any of this but at the same time, I’m tired of it hanging over my head. I want to get this done as soon as possible but as a special needs family, we have to make lots of arrangements and plan everything out very carefully.

Here’s hoping I feel better about this after today.

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Laurie M.

Good luck tomorrow!!


I’m sorry Rob. The adults when you were a kid were so focused on saving the tooth that they didn’t take time to patiently explain what was happening. I’m guessing they were operating under a sense of urgency to help. Doesn’t change your perception or fears.

I’ve been to dentists to get root canals and crowns. I have a pretty young dentist (early 30s, about to become new mom) who has worked on my mouth virtually without pain. I’m sure you are in good hands with your friend. He knows you and your history, and will minimize the pain.

Speaking of pain, I’m home after knee replacement surgery Monday. Had to get home to get some rest! And boy, when I bend my new knee, it hurts. I have to do physical therapy every day and the therapists are coming to my house. But at least I am now the Bionic Woman!

Take care, everything is going to work out.


Don’t be nervous shug, you got this!!

Mark Shapiro


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